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We are Tangent, for all design, digital and print marketing solutions.

Our key to effective design and marketing strategies is knowing and understanding your business. Our dynamic and innovative team can then provide proven creative solutions to position you better in the market place.

It takes mastery to visually communicate and engage an audience. As ideas people, we like to push the boundaries. We love to explore new ways of doing things. We keep up-to-date with market trends and technology.

We aim to exceed your expectations on every level through our workmanship and customer service. We go out on a Tangent to bring you the best possible results.

So lets take your business to the next level.

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The word Tangent actually means "a completely different line of thought or action."

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Lauren Morgan

Owner & Principal Consultant

Hi, my name is Lauren.

I will be your personal consultant throughout our Tangent experience.

In this role, I wear many ‘hats’. I’m your ideas person, your designer, your marketer, your ‘go-to’ person for any project related enquires.

We have an array of creative talents here in our studio who can bring their expertise to the table when and where required. Having a multi-faceted studio means that every creative element of your project can be catered for and a successful outcome achieved.

Give me a call today to discuss your business or project needs.

Our services


  • - Marketing campaigns
  • - Strategic marketing
  • - Digital marketing
  • - Creative strategy


  • - Branding development
  • - Re-branding
  • - Branding guidelines
  • - 3D branding visuals
  • - Brand management

Graphic Design

  • - Logo design
  • - Packaging design
  • - Brochures and catalogues
  • - Marketing collateral
  • - Business cards and stationery

Web Design / Digital Design

  • - Web design
  • - SEO media
  • - Social banners and ads


  • - Product photography
  • - On-site photography
  • - Creative photography
  • - Staged photography


  • - Social media videos
  • - Packaging design
  • - Product launch videos
  • - ‘About us’ videos
  • - Short Videos

Printing / Signage / Display

  • - Print management
  • - Shop-front signage
  • - Exhibition display
  • - Banners and stands

Our process

Our process - is centred around our clients and is designed to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Our vision and values

Superior partnerships with our clients are our most valuable asset.

We care about the individual

We believe in treating each client and job with the integrity and attention you and it deserves.

We care about community

We believe networking with and supporting local community and businesses works well for all.

We care about the environment

We at Tangent implement sustainable work practices. We aim to be paperless but, where necessary, use recycled stock, and we offer short print runs to avoid waste.

We care about your vision

Many of our clients have amazing products, business plans and journeys that are green, or organic, or give back to the community, or improve lifestyles… We love hearing about them, we want others to invest in them. It is our privilege to support your vision and story.

Tangent Creative Marketing

For all your graphic design, website design and marketing needs, visit us in our design studio. We are equipped with a qualified graphic designer and website designer who can help with all aspects of your business branding including logo design, website development, brochure design, social media marketing, packaging design and more.

Open: Monday-Friday 9am-6pm

Phone: 0439313783

Level 1, 390 Bell Street Pascoe Vale South VIC, Australia

Tangent Creative Marketing

Graphic Design, Website Design & Marketing

Open: Monday-Friday 9am-6pm

Phone: 0439313783