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Batten Disease Support & Research Association Australia BDSRA

What we did: Website design & Branding development


We were engaged to create a custom website that would look modern and professional whilst giving the BDSRA committee the tools to update specific areas of their website as required.

BDSRA Australia is dedicated to improving the lives and well-being of patients and families affected by Batten Disease
– a rare but fatal childhood disease.

Working with the BDSRA board was truly rewarding knowing that our services would make a difference in getting their message out to the greater community.
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The site needed a human-centered and heartfelt approach to encourage donations and user engagement.

It also needed to provide newly diagnosed families with key information they would need to get support.



A Sydney-based photographer was employed to carefully capture the moments of some of the
families affected by Batten Disease for the website.

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We worked closely with a copywriter (a committee member) to create key messages
for their cause, which relies heavily on community donations.

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We developed the Australian banner for the BDSRA Australia logo

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We are always incredibly humbled to work with non-profits and organisations.



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